Alternative music is on the rise in America. The nation has been exposed to alternative bands such as Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, and most recently Bastille. Another band that is on the rise within the alternative ranks is Basic Vacation, which is an emotionally charged alternative rock band.

The band Basic Vacation offers a lighter alternative rock sound on their new CD.
The band Basic Vacation offers a lighter alternative rock sound on their new CD.

Although their music is not playing on Kiss 108 or Amp radio the group does have tremendous talent.

According to its website, Basic Vacation is composed of three members: vocalist and guitarist Chris Greatti, bassist Jon Paul, and drummer Mike Montalbanno. The band has only been together since 2012, and bassist John Paul admitted that the group was so poor at first they had to steal from convenience stores just to get by. This initial aspect of struggle has made the band popular among young adults who are also trying to find their path. Inspiration for the bands music came from the works of Led Zeppelin, Queen and Aerosmith amongst others.

I was given the opportunity to review their most recent album, titled “Basic Vacation.” The cover of this album contains a picture of a floating woman, which intrigued me upon first glance. The back cover contains a picture of the band sitting on the side of a road, as cars zoom past the trio. As far as the music goes, the album only contains five songs, but their talent becomes evident early on. The album’s first track is a song titled “I Believe,” which is the group’s crowning piece. Other tracks on the album include “Jamie,” “You’re In My Head,” “Worlds Collide” and “It’s All Happening.”

I would give the album an 8/10. I see the song “I Believe” as being very popular once the band gains more notoriety. Being in the category of alternative with a rock focus, I was expecting something heavy that would fail to appease. However I was pleasantly surprised as the band takes a light rock approach, making the music quite pleasant.

Overall the band was a pleasant surprise for me, I would recommend this band to anyone who is tired of Bastille or Mumford and Sons. It offers a new take and sound to the alternative spectrum of music. There is no doubt in my mind this is a band on the rise.

By Steven Kimball