This April vacation, a few lucky students will be traveling to China to experience the culture, history, and sights.

Months of preparation have been accumulating towards the long-awaited trip to China. Most students, such as Caroline Price and Abi Cohen, both juniors, heard about the trip through peers. Others, such as senior Hugh Smith, are veterans who’ve attended the trip in previous years.

The trip will include cultural experiences as well as educational ones. One highlight for Cohen’s trip will be the societal activities, as she explains, she hopes “to gain a better understanding of a culture that I currently know little to nothing about.” She also hopes “to learn some more Chinese.” Price is excited to meet students in China. That will add a more personal element resulting in the trip being “different from a normal tourist experience.”

Smith is just as excited for the trip, despite the fact that he went last year as well. He says last year he chose to go because he was “tremendously curious to witness China, a rapidly growing superpower in the world today, firsthand.” He also wanted “to interact with students to see how they view American culture and education.” This time around, he “can’t pick one thing” that excites him the most “because the trip was so awesome all around. Anything from the food, to the sights, to the people.”

Hugh also added that he believes international travel can be an eye-opening experience, as it has been for him. He explained, “I can say without a doubt that my travels have altered the way I view my country and other countries. It has also made me truly realize how amazingly lucky I am to be living in Andover.”

As  Smith explained, the trip begins in Beijing, so students can “see some of the famous landmarks that China has to offer, such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden Palace.” Following that, students will travel “to Hengshui city, in the Province of Hebei.”

Students from Hengshui will be traveling to the United States to visit Andover in an exchange program later this year.

By Elizabeth Bernardin