The Liberty in North Korea Club, LiNK, may only be known right now for its impressive raffle prizes, but it turns out, they have a lot more to offer.

LiNK is comprised of students raising money to support North Korea refugees. According to Beitrice Choo, president of LiNK, members serve to “spread awareness and enlighten others on the human rights crisis in North Korea.”

The people of North Korea are denied basic human rights including free speech. They are repressed by a brutal totalitarian system and corporal punishments, including public executions and political prison camps, are still utilized today. LiNK aims to educate people and “quench the curiosity of anybody who would like to know more about the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea,” said Choo.

The most recent fundraiser held by LiNK was a raffle for two tickets to an Imagine Dragons concert. Beth Manson was the winner. The fundraiser was highly successful, raising $400, which will “fund the rescues of refugees and provision of resettlement,” according to Choo.

LiNK meets in room 247 every other Wednesday. All are welcome.

By Elizabeth Bernardin