Evan Pantely was crowned Mr. AHS 2014 on Friday, January 24. Using his comedic skill, quick thinking, and clever imagination, Pantely came out on top in a group of 10 other juniors competing for the title. No matter what the setting, it is plain to see how Evan’s humor and charm earned him the title Mr. AHS.

The Warrior Weekly chatted with Evan about the competition:

Why did you decide to run for Mr. AHS?

“I thought I had a chance of winning, so I figured, why not compete.”

What do you think was the key component in your victory?

“The dream date made by Alex Hanscom with my sponsor Grace Perigaut was probably the part that put me ahead of the rest of the guys. I think it really sealed the deal. It put the icing on the cake.”

After performing stand-up comedy in front of hundreds of people for the talent portion, do you ever think you would want to be a stand-up comedian when you grow up?

“That would be pretty cool. But, you know what, it’s a weird profession to pursue.”

Why is it weird?

“Well, you never know if you could really succeed at a career in stand-up comedy. It’s not a sure thing because it is based on the audience. You have to be quick on your feet.”

Do you think you’re funny?

“I think I’m funny to an extent. I had a pretty good idea going into the competition that I could make people laugh with my jokes; I just didn’t know if I could win with it. I’m usually funnier in a large group because I have to impress more people.”

What has it been like since you won?

“Everyone in the hallways always says, ‘Oh, hey, there’s Mr. AHS!’…Actually not that many people say that. It’s more like a few teachers that congratulate me. That’s about it.”

Do you have any responsibilities as Mr. AHS?

“Not particularly. Bragging rights is all I really need. However, I think that I should get one free homework pass a week. That would be a nice perk. Or I could do the announcements for the day…and make them short.”

What was your favorite part of competition?

“I think I’d have to go with winning. But if that’s too boastful then I’d also say the group dance was my favorite part. It was so funny watching everybody, myself included, try to learn Katie [Rex’s] choreography.”