Some of our own will be participating in the Harvard Model UN 2014 Conference starting this Thursday. The conference will last until Sunday.

According to Shalin Shetty, the current president of the Andover High School Model UN Club, the conference, sponsored by Harvard students, serves as a platform for “students from across the country, as well as the world” to “debate and resolve contemporary global issues in the style of the real United Nations.” 

This May, “Andover High School has a delegation of 24 students attending the conference, representing two countries in the General Assembly of the UN, Chad and Burundi,” says Shetty. At the Conference, “you act as an ambassador for your respective nation and work to defend your country’s interests in a final resolution on the given topic.” It is considered by Shetty to be a “truly incredible experience.”

The Model UN Club at the high school meets weekly. Every Friday in room 255, members work “to resolve issues as diverse as Biological Warfare, the Situation in Syria, Nuclear Globalism, Piracy in African Waters, Reforming the  Laws of the UN Security Council, and as of last week, Regulation of Transnational Corporations,” according to Shetty. 

This extracurricular, in Shetty’s words, “helps students gain a better understanding of the world we live in by forcing them to look at an issue of critical importance through a variety of lenses” while also offering an opportunity to develop negotiation, public speaking, and debate skills.

Model UN is open to anyone interested and welcomes newcomers.

By Elizabeth Bernardin