Ten junior boys will compete in the Collins Center beginning at 6:30 p.m. this evening, and one will be crowned Mr. Andover High School 2014.

The annual Mr. AHS contest, hosted by the Junior Board, will include a talent portion, dream date (featuring the contestants’ female sponsor), and a question and answer segment. Unlike last year, the contest will feature only juniors with an exception of special guests like last year’s winner, Joe Benjamin.

Contestants in the Mr. AHS competition hung up posters to advertise themselves. (Photo by Alexa Rockwell)
Contestants in the Mr. AHS competition hung up posters to advertise themselves. (Photo by Alexa Rockwell)

Benjamin, Mr. AHS 2013, will have a small role in this year’s competition. “I’m doing a performance tribute to myself,” Benjamin said. Joe, not quite ready to give up his crown, said his advice to the contestants is “don’t reach for the stars.” Sorry Joe, you can’t be Mr. AHS forever.

So what can we expect to see in the show this year? Ms. Lambroukos, a math teacher and Junior Board director, believes that the talent this year is “pretty crazy and all over the place.” Talents will include a magic show, dancing, stand up comedy and more. “They have put in a lot of effort and Katie Rex did a great job with choreography too, it looks great,” Lambroukos said.

Connor Dwyer, a contestant, believes the other nine boys are all his biggest competitors. “Here’s the thing. We’re all so different,” Dwyer said. “We are so different and everybody has an act that if it goes well, it’s going to be fantastic and if something goes wrong, it’s going to be terrible.” Dwyer has had a blast at the rehearsals for the show and has learned from this experience that “hard work produces good results.”

“Well, I think I set the bar pretty high last year,” Jared Goldstein, a senior and contestant in last year’s competition, said. “So you know it’s going to be tough for the contestants but there are some really good kids competing so I think that they’ll figure out how to be creative and do well.”

Goldstein believes that “this event is really great because it allows people that don’t usually stand out to be up on the stage, and gives them a chance to show what they got and it really finds hidden talents in the school.” His advice to the contestants: “Don’t be afraid to take the next step and do something crazy. Be original, think of your own ideas, be creative and just be yourself.”

Alex Bensley, a contestant, was surprised at how competitive this contest actually is. “Honestly, the first day when I walked into the room I thought it would just be a joke but in the last two weeks the competition has really started heating up and it’s getting really intense.” Bensley believes that all of the contestants have the same goal of winning and have all put in a lot of hard work preparing for the show.

Along with the contestants, the Junior Board has put in a lot of time and effort in preparing for the competition. They will be backstage helping with the stage crew for the show and are responsible for a segment of their own. Courtney Grygiel, a Junior Board member, has seen some of the rehearsals and believes that “everyone should be there because, for sure, it is going to be a sight to see.”

By Alexa Rockwell