The mixed show-choir, From Start to Finish, came in third at their first competition in the season last Saturday.

The show-choirs compete in the Lowell Mill-City show-choir competition every year. Usually they do all right, but this year the mixed choir blew the judges away.

“It wasn’t a surprise,” said Courtney Plati, senior at Andover High School and member of all three choirs. “We knew we were going to do well because we had been working hard. We just weren’t sure where we were going to be. It was a lovely surprise to know that for once we actually placed.”

The mixed group was excited when they saw their scores: 48/50 for show production, 65/80 for vocals, 60/70 for choreography, 61/75 for appropriate use of band, and 234/275 for total score.

This was From Start to Finish’s first win, ever. Since the beginning the group has come close, but this year they made it. Their hard work has finally paid off.

“It was a long time coming,” said Brendan Mokler, sophomore at Andover High School and member of From Start to Finish, “I think we took a new direction. We got a new choreographer, we got a lot of new people, and we really put a lot more time into what we did.”

Mr. Mercer, director of From Start to Finish, is pleased with the win. He hopes that the group will continue to improve from here on out.

“Their show [is] titled, ‘Creatures of the Night,’” said Mercer. “From Start to Finish journeyed back in time and transported the tale of Romeo and Juliet to a more contemporary futuristic setting. FSTF allows you to experience the feelings of two star-crossed lovers as they journey through hope and tragedy, despair and love. Through the use of ten songs, the story begins with two quarreling sides and ends with the questioning of their actions.”

By Ashley Richmond