Webster, a French rapper from Quebec, visited Andover High School on Tuesday, Jan. 7, to conduct a workshop and perform a concert in the Collins Center. The event was open to all French students. 

To begin his presentation, Webster introduced his creative process, which started with his sources for inspiration: his love of history and his interest in current social problems. He discussed the art of writing his music through poetry, explaining the different complexities of rhyme and musical rhythms, intensities and emotion. 

Webster, a French rapper, performs  for French students in the Collins Center on Jan. 7.
Webster, a French rapper, performs for French students in the Collins Center on Jan. 7.

His raps are much more sophisticated than lines that simply rhyme gun with fun or boy with toy. He weaves the words together so that there are similarities and double, or triple rhymes everywhere in his raps. Webster truly is a hip-hop master.

At the end of his workshop, Webster opened a brief Q&A session, easily and readily answering the students’ choppy French questions. Throughout his entire presentation, Webster mainly spoke French but he did so with such clarity that the students could understand him almost perfectly.

Webster then gave a performance of his best work. The kids loved it; he had everyone up and dancing. The concert and presentation provided the students with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about French Canadian culture. It was a great experience and a good example of how languages learned in class have application outside of the school building.

Webster just released a new album, “À l’Ombre des Feuilles.” Be sure to check out this album and his many others. For more information about Webster, go to websterls.com.

Many students spoke highly for Webster and the workshop/performance that he put together. Shannon Manuel, an AP French student, said, “All of his songs were very upbeat and informative. He spoke French very clearly and it was not too difficult to understand what he was saying during his presentation.”

“His passion for music and his career made his workshop truly interesting and fun for everyone who attended,”  said Grace Perigaut.

“I would totally recommend doing this again for the students next year,” said Amanda Holland. “Webster is a gifted artist and should always be welcome at AHS.”

A lot of hard work was done to make this event possible.  We would like to thank Madame Shaknovsky for organizing the event: finding Webster, inviting him to come to AHS, and working with his agent since October. Also, we are very grateful  to Dr. Allen, foreign language district coordinator, for all his encouragement, assistance and support of this event and the French program in general;  Scott Worthley, Collins Centrer DJ extraordinaire; and all French teachers who encouraged their students to participate in this interactive, educational and fun session.

By Gwyneth Miner