To raise support for the girls’ varsity basketball team, the AHS Jungle is encouraging all students and faculty to come out to support the team on Saturday, January 18, with the same enthusiasm that is abundantly present at the boys’ varsity basketball games.

The AHS Jungle will make an open invitation over Facebook to promote the girls varsity basketball game this Saturday at Andover High.  The Warrior girls take on Acton-Boxborough in what is expected to be a tough matchup.  Andover is ranked 16th in the state and is 7-2.

Star captain Rebecca Alois, however, thinks that the ranking does not reflect the amount of talent that this team has.  “There’s a lot of teams ranked ahead of us that I think we’re better than,” said Alois, a senior.

Despite their recent success in the MVC and the state tournament, the girls are quite underrepresented in terms of fans.  An estimated five students show up on average to the girls’ home games “if we’re lucky,” says Alois, whilst the boys sometimes bring in more than 100 spectators.  

Coach Perry believes that the girls are equally as deserving of the attention of the Jungle as the boys.  Perry is in his first year as coach of the team, but he already has quite a lot of faith in his girls, saying he would take star senior Jessica Witten in  a 3-point shooting contest over two of the boys’ leading scorers, David Giribaldi and the coach’s own son, E.J. Perry. 

“We put out a good product…not only do the girls deserve a better ranking, but they deserve to have people come and watch them play,” says Perry. 

Saturday’s game against Acton-Boxborough starts at 1 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door.  Attendees are asked to wear their white Jungle shirts as this is a home game. 

Special to the Warrior Weekly