With the recent start of the winter sports season, winter track once again has a high turnout of participants.

In total there are 133 boys and 126 girls from AHS doing winter indoor track this year. While it is indeed a very competitive and serious sport for a large number of participants, many wonder what attracts so many students to it in comparison to other winter sports.

Sam Gentile, a freshman who is currently in winter track, thinks that part of the reason could be that it’s a “no cut sport.” Students who are apprehensive about not making it onto a team or who are not interested in the intense competitiveness of some other winter sports are drawn to winter track for this reason. Sam also adds that “it is a good way to get involved with the school.”

Coach Hathaway also points out that there are more underclassmen that participate in the sport than upperclassmen. He reasons, “[Underclassmen] usually want to try it out, and the seniors usually are the smallest group because not everyone sticks with it for all four years.” As this is true with many sports as well, it is particularly evident in track due to its noticeably high number of athletes.

Olivia Soutter, a sophomore who is involved with winter track, says, “It’s more of a social sport than others but you can stay in shape too.”

Hathaway also agrees that it is good for keeping in shape and preparing for other sports, which could also be one of the reasons for the high turnout in the sport. He believes that it is good to do in the offseason of other sports because “it works on getting you faster and helps with your endurance.” He reasons, “If you’re doing soccer it’s good because you can make it through the game, [or if you’re doing] football, it will help with your power and speed.”

Last year winter track excelled at state and national levels. Head coach Peter Comeau accompanied 17 athletes last March to compete at nationals and represent Andover High School.

By Rebecca Boese