Each year, the upperclassmen boys of Andover High get the chance to display their talents to the community in the annual Mr. AHS competition. Mr. AHS will be held on Friday, January 24, 2014 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm in the Collins Center auditorium. It is hosted by the Junior Board of Directors who say it’s going to be “bigger and better than ever.” There will be 9 junior boys competing for the title, and each will perform in multiple acts in front of a panel of judges (who are to be determined).

Mr. AHS’ group of “serious” hard workers. (Photo by Tarushi Sharma)

The contestants this year are Connor Dwyer, Dan Harvey, Evan Pantely, Cam Flowers, Larry Zhu, Tom Dufton, Andrew Matteucci, Alex Bensley, and Cullen O’Dwyer. Each boy will do an Introduction, a talent portion, and their dream date (accompanied by their sponsor).

The boys will also be doing a group number, but according to contestant Evan Pantely, the “lack of concentration” is making it hard to learn the choreography. He says that “everyone has a great time, but we lose focus quickly, which makes it harder to get things done.”

Grace Perigaut, one of the sponsors, and also a member of the Junior Board of Directors, hopes for a great crowd this year to cheer on all of the contestants. She says that the “competition is fierce this year, with endless talent, so everyone should come out to support the boys and all of their hard work.”

Another optimistic contestant this year is Connor Dwyer, one of the Voices of AHS on the morning announcements. “Everyone is going to have to bring their A game on the day of the competition,” he says, “We all participate in different activities in and outside of school, which will make for a great show. I have had an absolute blast throughout the whole process, and I couldn’t imagine a better group of guys to compete against for the title.”

The group in their natural state of being. (Photo by Tarushi Sharma)

Last year, the winner of Mr. AHS was junior (now senior) Joe Benjamin. Benjamin’s overwhelming school spirit largely contributed to his victory, and he is currently one of the leaders of the Jacks Jungle and one of the Voices of AHS. He says that this year’s contestants remind him of the ’07 Patriots” (a season that ended with a record of 18 wins and 1 loss). He also advises the future winner of Mr. AHS “not to gloat, and to stay humble, because otherwise people will be unhappy with the decision.”

This is the second year in a row that a Voice of AHS is competing. Could this become an occurring pattern? You’ll have to come and see the performances yourself to know whether or not the judges pick your favorite.

Max Galat, now a senior, came in third in Mr. AHS last year. After going through the entire experience, his main advice for the contestants is to “use any unique advantage [they] can, get people’s attention, and just have fun.” He says, “even though I didn’t win, it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Last year, about 550 people attended to Mr. AHS. Ms. Chachus and Ms. Lambroukos, the two Junior Board of Directors leaders, hope even more people come this year. No matter who wins, Mr. AHS is something that you do not want to miss because it is going to be a night filled with many laughs, smiles, and surprises.

Jenna Kosinski