We think the collaboration between the Amnesty International, UNICEF, and Red Cross clubs to aid people of storm-ravaged Phillipines was an inventive and successful step forward. So many clubs working together was a great idea, as shown by the success of this fundraiser.

With so many human aid clubs working towards the same cause, it made sense to join together. This way, the clubs had more attention, more workers and volunteers, and, of course, more money. There is no reason to do every single fundraiser in opposition to clubs that have the same goal in mind, when they could get three times as much done by working together.

In addition, we believe that this fundraiser showed just how creative the students here at AHS can be. The students in these clubs were able to come up with three different in-school fundraisers to raise money for the same cause. The push-up contest was certainly unusual, and the Believe Bells proved that there are plenty of small objects to sell that aren’t clothing or food. The uniqueness of this fundraiser definitely contributed to its success.