Christmas time is here–and filled with trees, decorations, cookies…and of course Kelly Clarkson’s new album Wrapped in Red. Clarkson successfully mixes old classics with new hits in this cheerful holiday CD that is popular with both young and old.

kellyclarksonpic copy“It’s all over the map,” Clarkson said in an interview at “But in a good way.” And we agree! This record combines classic rock ‘n roll with blues and other genres of music. Original songs such as “Underneath the Tree” and “Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song)” add a fun and personal feel to the album. Clarkson is able to capture the spirit of Christmas without being cheesy; instead she is original.

Young people are attracted to Clarkson’s fun and upbeat new songs, especially “Underneath the Tree.” Of course, everybody loves classic Christmas songs, but it’s nice to hear something new every once in a while. “Underneath the Tree” is a fun and modern take on a Christmas song that has proven successful on the charts and is popular on local radio stations, such as Kiss 108. Teens, who are stingy on spending money, can download this song for free under the “Single of the Week” on iTunes.

Not only is this album popular with teenagers, but it is gaining recognition from adults and even the elderly. Clarkson’s original single, “Underneath the Tree” is number one on the Adult Contemporary Audience chart. Even Andover’s senior nursing home, Marlin’s Place, is playing Wrapped in Red for their residents.

With original renditions of old classics such as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Run Run Rudolph,” alongside new and modern original songs, this album is a hit for all ages, and not to mention the perfect stocking stuffer!

By Devon Heavey and Alexa Rockwell