Debate Day will be on Wednesday, December 18, in the Collins Center.
The debates will take up the whole day with three debates during block one and two, four debates during block three, and two teacher debates for block four. Each debate will be around twenty minutes long. Debate topics range from tax increases and budget cuts to the controversial name of the Redskins football team.
“It was a satisfying feeling to be able to work with two of my friends and put this together, not just for the club, but for the whole school and for some of the teachers,” stated Hope Flynn, a junior and debate club board member.
The students have been preparing for Debate Day for about a month and are excited to get on stage and debate. For new members and freshmen, this is their first Debate Day. In fact, many of the members are impressed with the amount of newcomers in the club.
Mr. Michaud, debate club’s supervisor, said, “I’m looking forward to some of the new members of our club getting a chance to get out on the stage and do their first Debate Day, kind of showcase what they can do.”
Many teachers, including Mr. Michaud and Mr. Hopkins are debating as well.
Jason Grosz, a junior and debate club board member, said“The hardest part is getting teachers to debate because on fourth block we have teacher debates…you wouldn’t expect that but a lot of them are fairly resistant.”
Regardless, all the debating spots have been filled up and the members are anticipating a good Debate Day this year.
“Well, I’m feeling a little nervous but overall if I’m prepared, I think I’m going to do well,” said Luc Pakey, freshman. He said he was very excited to be “going in front of the school and kind of showing them what [he’s] got.”
The student body is also excited for Debate Day. Most students said they get to take a break from their class before vacation. However in order to attend, classes need permission from their teacher.
By Maryam Raad