Okay, maybe the title of this editorial is deceiving. But at the end of the school day in the foyer, where the majority of students gather, it literally stinks.
In recent weeks, there have been a series of stinks bomb attacks, initiated by a group of upperclassmen. They strike under the most opportune conditions, when the school day ends and the foyer is flooded with innocent students eager to return home. Despite being after the technical end of scheduled classes, many students find the stench to be destructive to an effective learning environment. While the perpetrators seem to get a kick out of it, there are far more faces leaving the foyer with a frown then a smile.  
According to some respectable seniors like Wendy Zhou and Danny Martinez, the students responsible should be given a radical punishment — suspension or expulsion — for carrying out these putrid attacks. After being asked his opinions on the stink bombs, Yen Wu, senior, stated, “They’re stupid. I mean, what else? They’re just so annoying.”
The stink bombs specifically being used here are not handmade, but rather store-bought, packaged smelling devices. When thrown with considerable force against a hard surface, they break open and the smell is released.
On a recent Friday, the assistant principals were seen prowling through the foyer at the end of the day and, no, there was no scent of farty fumes in the air. For now, thankfully, it seems that the foyer has some respite.
By Saalik Lokhandwala and Chase Webber