Since our nation has an African American president, I thought racism was behind us, that our generation finally didn’t see color and wasn’t ignorant. But I was wrong.

In a recent class I got to hear a senior tell a non-white member of class, “I pay for you to go here.” (I’m sorry, I didn’t realize 17- and 18-year-olds pay taxes.) Plain and simple, this comment was disgusting. The scariest thing is that no one in the class even looked shocked by this statement. We can talk about sticking up for someone all we want but if we don’t act upon what we say we stand by, we are hypocrites.

Does your skin color determine your bank account? And are this offending student’s parents paying all the taxes in Andover? If so, I better tell my parents not to worry about paying the taxes.

Is this what my cousins who are half African American, half Vietnamese, have to look forward to, being thought of as less than their white classmates? It’s almost 2014, guys; get it together.

It’s not cool to be a racist and no one respects you for thinking you’re better than someone else. It makes me sad that we can all say that we are equal but people don’t actually believe that. Stop being ignorant and mean, just because you think you’re so popular and untouchable now; wait until you’re in the “real world”. Grow up.

By Devon Heavey