As autumn rolls around with its beautiful leaves and easy breeze, teachers and counselors alike can only sigh as stacks upon stacks of college recommendations pile up on their desks.

As the college process has been wrapping up for seniors, teachers and counselors have had their schedules tightly packed. Not only have they been absorbed in their usual work, but they are also getting their seniors ready with recommendations for college. It is a very time consuming process.

At this time of year, the juniors at Andover High observe the hardships of the college process that the seniors, teachers, and counselors endure. It is then that they happen to realize that there time will be coming very soon. And many of them wonder: Should the juniors get more emphasis toward the college process?

Many juniors do believe that they should receive more recognition toward the college process. According to Meghan Day and Christian Richardson, although the college process for the seniors is so time consuming, juniors should get some emphasis toward the beginnings of it.

“Yeah, our time to start the [college] process is coming up very soon,” said Day, “so I do think that we [juniors] need to get more emphasis so we can be ready for the process.”

Richardson had similar comments about the topic: “Yeah, the process seems so time consuming and troubling, so I want to start getting prepared this year so that next year won’t be as stressful.”

Both Day and  Richardson realize the difficulty for teachers and counselors to put in time for the juniors. Richardson has seen “the seniors running in the halls with recommendations,” and the teachers using “every spare minute to wrap up those recommendations.”

Day, who also sees this, just wishes for “some preparation time right after the deadlines, when the process starts to come to an end.”

Little do most juniors know, the counselors are already ahead of the game. In the months starting with December of this year, well into the spring of next year—once the college application season is brought to an end—juniors will begin their College Admissions Process program. The CAP (College Admissions Process) program at AHS begins for juniors and their parents in December of junior year starting with the Standardized Testing for College Parent Program (December 3) when the counselors review PSAT reports and the SAT/ACT process.

From then on, juniors, as well as their parents, will interact with the counselors at the school regarding the upcoming college process. According to Ms. Bergey, a guidance counselor at AHS, by the time the year reaches its end, the juniors will have “received a wealth of information before the end of junior year.”

During that season, many juniors will have their questions answered as the counselors will provide information about colleges and give tips on visiting, essays, the applications, interviews, and every other aspect of the college process.

By Mashuk Rahman