Senior Jeremy Partyka is using his Senior Exhibition to create and produce a movie. With the help of talented students from Andover High, and Executive Producer and Senior Ex advisor Mr. Waters, Partyka is hoping his film will fulfill his grand expectations.

As can be seen on the larger than normal posters around the school, Partyka’s movie is about a senior high school student with common stress to worry about, until he starts a club at his school. The club gains momentum, and eventually earns the reputation of helping students and teachers, ultimately making the school a better place.

In an overview of the film, Partyka states that the movie “aims to remind us all of the importance of love and appreciation in our lives and that every person is special.” One of Partyka’s biggest goals of the film is “to make the people, or viewers, relate to the movie. That way it can become more meaningful.”

When asked the reason why he wanted to take on the challenge of creating a movie for his Senior Exhibition, Partyka said, “I’ve been thinking about doing a movie for two to three years now and this became my opportunity. Senior Ex is getting a credit for something that you like to do, as well as being able to learn along the way.”

Believing in the process of creating a Senior Ex more than anyone is English teacher Mr. Waters.  Similarly to what Partyka said, Waters feels Senior Ex is “more about the process than the product. The process will teach you skills that you will need in the future. The journey [to the final product] is more important.”

Waters also expressed how exciting it is to see students “adapt to a situation change” as their projects develop over the year. “It forces the student to think on their feet. Problem-solving and constant decision-making is what this is all about. This is what I love about this; [teaching and advising] you get to live through people learning.”

By Nick Valeri