We believe Senior Ex should be required for every senior. We are one of the few schools to even offer such a class to begin with.  Whether it is for a class credit or for personal satisfaction, it should be required for each senior. It creates an opportunity for students to leave a mark on their high school before they move on into the next chapters of education. This opportunity may never happen again.

As learned from Senior Ex advisors, the goal of doing a Senior Exhibition is to learn and understand real-world skills. The kids that are taking it for a credit get a bonus; they are learning new skills to bring to college as well as giving the school a project that they are passionate about. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that? 

It is important to give back at some point. Seniors lead the school. They are the top dogs, the role models, the ones the younger ones look up too. If they can set the bar of excellence, with each senior producing a project to the school, it can set off a chain reaction of imagination for the next class to set a new bar. With that, it can still continue to follow the original goal of Senior Ex from day one; as Mrs. Michaud said, “It gives kids an opportunity to explore things that are not part of the curriculum.”

We hope that after reading this, each senior can try their best to add this to their list of things to do before graduation. It can be as big as producing a movie, or as small as organizing a book club. If you can leave a mark of wisdom for the next class, the possibilities are endless for future success at Andover High School.