A common debate not only here at the high school but all over the world is about which computer is better: Mac or PC?

Many are noticing that there are two different types of computers we use at school. There are PC Windows desktops all around the school, but there are also new Apple Mac laptop carts rolling around.

Mr. Puzzanghera, the Chief Information Officer of the Technology Department of Andover Public Schools, said that many educators are not “power users” and tend to focus on the core applications such as Internet browsing and word processing. He also regarded that “many people find the Apple operating systems OS X and iOS to be easier to use for these basic tasks.”

The influx of Phones and iPads in personal use has made Apple favorable for many people at home so they feel more comfortable with them in their professional environment as well.

Students have many different opinions on what they like to use. Some people who prefer PCs are wondering why Macs are now being used more and if Macs will be used primarily in the future.

Puzzanghera said, “If the schools decide to move to a program that encourages students to use devices more directly in the classroom, we will have a full conversation with all stakeholders to determine if we should focus just on the Apple environment or remain in a hybrid Apple/PC environment.”

Ms. Masters, a PC user as well as a Mac user, said that she isn’t exactly sure yet whether or not the schools will be using only one type of computer in the future. “As long as they are functioning properly, we’ll be good,” she said.

By having all staff centered around a single platform it makes repair and maintenance of machines much more straightforward. It also helps with the Andover schools’ computer program Casper, which assists in managing over 1,500 Apple devices Andover Public Schools now own; it helps standardize settings, distribute software, etc.

By Isaac Finn