Technology is becoming more incorporated into the students’ and teachers’ classroom lives at Andover High School.

Some teachers and students have really warmed up to the new technology, such as the Macbook carts available, the apple TVs starting to be pushed across the building, the projectors in most classrooms, and the iPad carts employed by some departments.

Teachers are becoming more interested in technology as it is incorporated in their classrooms. All teachers have access to their own laptop and school email for their students to contact them.

“For the most part I think teachers are doing the best they can,” says Connor Batsimm, senior. “I think that some of my teachers have been pretty resourceful with the technology.”

Mr. Downs, the digital learning specialist, who assists teachers in incorporating technology into their classrooms, is really confident that AHS is going into a very positive direction with the new technology.

“My goal is to bring everyone to the same level, students and teachers,” says Mr.Downs. “I am here to help students and teachers to get the best results from using technology.”

Teachers have been inputting their ideas on views of new technology. Most teachers have been working hard to improve their skills with technology, and others are helping to educate. This is providing students with new learning opportunities.

“A lot of hard-working people have worked to get the place up to date. I really think the technology has been improved a lot this year,” says Mr. Pellerin, an English teacher.

Students have also shown a great desire for more technology to be more built-in to their classes correctly. “In my opinion, as time goes people will get the hang of new technology and understand how to use it and it will become more beneficial, I’d like that,” says Melanie Hillman, sophomore.

By Fatima Ali