In our personal opinion, we believe that only advanced art classes should count towards the GPA. Advanced and portfolio art classes should be taken more seriously as to prepare the students for their potential futures.

We feel that a majority of the students who take art classes don’t take them seriously. The students that either want a future in art or just enjoy these classes are affected by the behavior of the students that don’t. Sometimes, the students that care can’t get into the classes they want because the classes are filled up by the students that don’t care. The students that don’t care are not afraid of their bad grades because the grades don’t affect their GPA. If art classes counted towards the GPA then it would create a better overall environment for students.

First year art classes should not be counted in the GPA. Students take art to explore it and see how high school art works. Taking risks and even failing is part of the exploration. Some students do not even want to be an art major. So why make it harmful for them if they wanted to just try something new? Putting these art classes into the GPA would decrease their popularity and would eradicate the main purpose of art; to try to do something new and unexpected.

Nevertheless, the students who are in advanced art classes are not just exploring. They are in that class, because they have a potential future in art and they want to do it. They have already had the experience of exploring, so now, they know what they want to do. This is the time when the classes should be put into the GPA, because they are now ready to take that responsibility and it would help them achieve their art goals (being accepted into an art college they have forever dreamed of). Also, these students now know that they want to do with art, and so they do not need the benefit of the omission of failures.