A Halloween costume contest for the freshmen of Andover High School will take place on October 31.

The contest will allow freshman students to come to class wearing costumes to show both their school and Halloween spirit. It is being organized by the freshman board, and is aimed to encourage students to have fun and show their excitement for Halloween.

“I think any kind of competition or contest or organization of that sort is a good way to get school spirit,” says Hannah Muhlfelder, a sophomore. “I definitely would encourage people to try it.”

In addition to the satisfaction of being able to wear a costume, there will also be prizes for three winners. The freshmen participating should visit the Counseling Office in the morning or the cafeteria kiosk during lunch, where a photo of their costume will be taken. At the end of the day, the top three winning costumes will be called down to claim their prizes.

For students still unsure whether or not they want to participate, Giselle Aoun, a junior, recommends not being afraid and “if you want to wear a costume, go for it!”

This will be Andover High’s second annual Halloween costume contest. The freshman board began advertising earlier this year in hopes of gaining more participants, explained Mr. Abbott, guidance counselor and freshman board leader.

Many of students interviewed also support and agree with the contest’s idea. They can’t wait to see how it will be played out on Halloween. The contest proves to spark excitement and enthusiasm among several students.

“I like seeing people’s costumes; some are super creative,” says Sophia Boyd, a freshman. “I’m hoping to see some really crazy, over-the-top costumes.”

Muhlfelder adds, “Halloween is just like a way for everyone to be silly and get dressed up. If you really get into it you have fun!”

As a reminder to the freshmen, costumes must be appropriate. No masks or face paint completely covering the face will be allowed.

By Emai Lai