Could it possibly be true that our very own Andover High School now has a teacher choir? It turns out that the rumors are accurate. Mr. Mercer, choir teacher at the high school, has recently started a new choir, but this time the only ones singing are the faculty members of AHS.

The first meeting of the faculty choir was held a few Wednesdays ago at 6:45 am, and was “an absolute hit,” says choir member Ms. Robb. She says that “[Mr. Mercer’s] enthusiasm is what really made people want to sign up and join the choir.”

Mr. Mercer (right) leads fellow faculty members in attendance at a recent choir rehearsal. (Photo by Tarushi Sharma)
Mr. Mercer (right) leads fellow faculty members in attendance at a recent choir rehearsal. (Photo by Tarushi Sharma)

She and Mr. Mercer have been excited about starting a faculty choir for a long time. However, it was always difficult because of Mr. Mercer’s busy teaching schedule at the high school and middle schools until this year. She says, “I’ve always loved seeing the kids perform, and I thought that doing a faculty choir would be a nice way to talk with some of my colleagues who I don’t get to see very often.”

Ms. Robb also believes that singing is a great way to start the day off in the mornings.

Her only criticism of the choir so far would be its lack of male faculty members. Although they have just started, she believes that “the choir could use some lower voices to round out the songs.

Mr. Mercer, who has been teaching high school students for five years now, has enjoyed growing the program to what it has become today. “Choir has become a lot more popular over the years,” he says, “and each year the numbers are bigger than the year before.”

In fact, the chamber choir and the mix show choir are so big this year that they are each going on separate trips to compete. The chamber choir will head to Washington D.C., and the mix show choir will compete in Orlando, Florida.

Not only are they traveling for their competitions, but the two choirs are also hosting a show choir festival here in Andover this March.  Although the teacher choir will not be as competitive as his student choirs, Mr. Mercer has high hopes that the teaching staff will join the singing group to be a part of something outside of the workplace. This would allow teachers to get to know each other better, while singing some upbeat songs. Ms. Robb admits that “many of the teachers who showed up to the first session were nervous, but once [they] started singing, everyone had a great time.” The group even started off their first meeting with a “70’s mash-up” featuring some Michael Jackson hits.

Getting teachers to join may be a challenge, but it is a challenge that Mr. Mercer is ready to take on. His main goal is for the teachers to have fun and sing songs that everyone will enjoy. Who knows, maybe Dr. Lord will even get involved and come up with a tune for the “We Are Warriors… Hooah” chant that AHS has become so accustomed to at school meetings and assemblies.

By Jenna Kosinski