Members of Andover High’s Interact Club will be attending the U.N. in New York this November.

The United Nation’s Headquarters will be temporarily closed on November 2 for Rotary UN Day. Rotary and Interact Club members travel from all over the world to spend the day listening to guest speakers, meeting other members of the organization, and discovering more about how Rotary International became the biggest community service club worldwide.

This year's Interact Club is preparing to go to the United Nations in New York. (Courtesy Photo)
This year’s Interact Club is preparing to go to the United Nations in New York. (Courtesy Photo)

“I think that the main goal of the conference is to get to know other Interact Clubs and other Rotary Clubs and let them give us ideas and give them ideas as well,” said senior Ali Hale, president of Andover High’s Interact Club.

She also mentioned how members can listen to a variety of speeches, walk around, and have lunch at the UN. All Interact and Rotary Clubs are invited to attend the conference.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Hale.

The Interact Club at AHS will be attending the conference with both the Interact Clubs of Ipswich and Haverhill high schools. Participants will leave the school at around 3:30 a.m. and drive to New York City via bus. There they will attend both the conference and also visit the 9/11 memorial.

Interact Club is a very successful club at AHS. Every Monday, students of all grades come together and work on planning and carrying out community service projects. In 1998 the club was internationally recognized and has now become one of 10,900 Interact Clubs worldwide.

“Every Interact Club is a little different. You can chose to do really whatever you want with your Interact Club,” explained Hale. “We try to do a little something every month, even if it’s not very big.”

Molly Manuel, a junior who has been a member of the club since her freshmen year, explained some of her favorite activities the club participates in: “We do a lot of events during the year for Lazarus House, we volunteered at Andover Days, we had a coat drive.”

Among other events, the club has cleaned up Andover parks, volunteered at soup kitchens, held an annual blanket drive, and made stockings during the holiday season for residents of the Lazarus House.

Every Interact Club needs a sponsor from a Rotary Club to help offer support and guidance. Members of Andover’s Rotary International Club and members of AHS’s Interact Club meet regularly to discuss upcoming projects, funding, and different ways to help out the community.

 By Alison Murtagh