The questioning and rumors end here: seniors at Andover High School are having senior week this year.

One rumor going about school said that seniors would have two days of trips and then take finals. But Ms. de Kelley and Mr. Hutchins, both in charge of senior trips, have made it official by stating AHS will have senior week from Monday, June 2, to Friday, June 6, and that eliminating it was never an option.

The last official day of school for the seniors is Friday, May 30; graduation will be held on Monday, June 9.

Connor Batsimm, senior, likes the idea of senior week, saying, “We survived four years of high school so we should get a reward of some kind.”

Of the students interviewed, all were happy that senior week was continuing. Josh Allen, senior, said, “To take away something that seniors have been looking forward to is ridiculous.” He added that keeping traditions in high school is important.

Though the tradition survives, some of the activities will be changing a little bit. However, Ms. de Kelley, program advisor of the Counseling Department, said that there will be trips on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and tentatively graduation rehearsal on Thursday, and the dance on Friday night. Senior Safari will also be held after graduation. Hutchins and de Kelley say that a letter will be sent with the details of senior week, hopefully in October.

Grace Anne Casto, senior, is happy that there will still be a senior week, saying, “It gives everyone something to work towards, even the freshman.”

For the seniors this year, the weeklong event is now five days instead of four. In past years, there have only been four days due to Memorial Day weekend. This year, senior week will be extended to five days, which means that graduation rehearsal and the dance will occur on different days, when in the past, they have occurred on the same day. However, the schedule is still tentative regarding the week and the extra day.

The longer week is because seniors are getting out after Memorial Day weekend. Monday, June 2, the beginning of senior week, is a school day for the Andover Public School District.

Mr. Hutchins, a counselor, says that seniors are “technically still in school during senior week. It’s like a field trip.”

The last official day of school for the seniors is Friday, May 30; graduation will be held on Monday, June 9. Seniors would have gotten out of school later if we didn’t start earlier this year. Many seniors are upset because they are getting out later than last year’s seniors; however, it is only a week later. Last year’s seniors only got out five weeks earlier than the rest of the school due to so many snow days. However, this is not the only factor.

Seniors at AHS have actually been getting out of school a lot earlier than other schools in Massachusetts. There is a guideline of how many days students are required to have, and AHS seniors were actually under that number of school days. The later release date is not because of the extensive number of snow days we had last year. AHS had already been on the Department of Education’s radar. The department makes the decision of how many school days students are required to have.

Ms. de Kelley says the number of days for seniors was “going to change regardless.”

By Lauren Wiener