The “Back to School Supply Drive” that has taken place from the beginning weeks of school until this past Monday raised $764.03 along with boxes of overflowing supplies.

Donations from the charitable drive will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence. (Photo by Nick Valeri)

Jamie Street, Junior Board member, said, “The idea [for this drive] came from the annual Staples drive that runs each year. Farrien Khan [Junior Board member] proposed the idea to the board, and Mrs. Chachus liked it and decided to take it on as our first project.”

The drive was focused on collecting supplies for the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence, and the turnout was positive. Street said the people who donated “seemed really receptive and gave anything they could.”

With such a positive feedback from both the drive and the students, Street said she hopes this drive can become an annual event: “The Boys & Girls club is a good local cause, and since people are already going out and getting their own school supplies [it was convenient]. Seeing the drive was fairly successful I can definitely say that there is a good chance it will become annual.”

By Nick Valeri