As a new school year begins, so does the onslaught of extracurricular opportunities.

Andover High School in particular has an impressive collection of clubs and organizations for students. There are countless clubs to pick from. For recreational enjoyment, there’s a Book Club, an Art Club, Dance Club, or the Surf Club. The Middle East Club, Amigos Unidos, or the Asian American Club can provide cultural experiences.

For an academic extracurricular, look into the Math Team, the Model UN Club, Mock Trial, the Science Team, the Astronomy Club, or the Politics Club. If you’re looking for clubs that offer community outreach, there’s the Community Service Club, SADD, and Kid to Kid.

The few listed here are only the tip of the iceberg. Find a club that will challenge you, entertain you, or teach you. You’ll have opportunities to meet new people, find a new hobby, help someone in need, create a work of art, learn something new, and just have fun.

For more information, be sure to attend the club fair this Wednesday, October 2. During all four lunches, clubs will have booths outside the cafeteria for you to explore and ask questions

And if you like writing, be sure to check out the Warrior Weekly booth!

By Elizabeth Bernardin