Summer may have seemed a bit shorter this year, what with students and teachers reporting back to school in late August. We set out in the early days of the school year to ask members of the AHS community what they thought of Andover schools opening before Labor Day.

mackenzie dalton
MacKenzie Dalton, Senior
“It cut down my summer a lot but if it means we get out early, it’s worth it.”
Ms. Dunning, Ceramics
“It was a little but of a stretch for people. It was very hot last spring, and people were so depressed from the heat. In any event, you have to get in 180 days.”
Mr. Berube, Library
“I love August, so I don’t like coming in. I can understand why they did it though, due to all the snow days and gas leaks. I’m going to miss these last golden days of August.”
hamza nareed
Hamza Nareed, Junior
“Last year we had to go to the very end of July. It’s better that we start before, so we don’t have to do the same thing again.”
chris harris
Chris Harris, Sophomore
“It doesn’t make sense. The school’s not built to be running in August.”

Reporting by Ian Bensley and Patrick McQuillen