As students arrived at Andover High School for the first day, there were obvious changes. The most notable being the ongoing construction of new courts to service both the boys and girls tennis teams.

Gone was the iconic green fence with the red Solo cups spelling out messages to the AHS community. What currently  looks like a new parking lot will eventually be transformed into the tennis teams’ new facility.

Construction continues on  the school's new tennis courts. (Photo by Steven Kimball)
Construction continues on the school’s new tennis courts. (Photo by Steven Kimball)

It has been a long uphill battle for the members of the tennis community but thanks to relentless fund raising the new facility is finally being constructed. Principal Lord explained, “Fundraising has been a multi-year effort involving many adults and students connected to the program over the years. They raised a significant amount of the funds needed and additional funding was secured at the last town meeting.”

According to a proposal submitted at the last town meeting the total construction cost for the courts was $400,000.

The new facility is a welcome sight to all of those involved in the tennis community; the previous courts were cracked, lined with divots  and were losing their paint coat.

Mr. Hibinio, Andover High tennis coach, remarked, “It is great that we will be able to update the courts. They were  in dire need of repair. The members of the tennis community are excited about the updates.”

In addition to exterior changes, several new technology initiatives have given the interior of the school a 21st century look. New plasma TVs are located in both the foyer and the cafeteria. The TVs displayed images of faculty members on the opening days of school in an effort to further the sense of community in the school.

Although the photos have greeted students over the past week Mr. Seide has a broader image for the plasmas. He explained, “We would like to start a weekly video news segment produced by the multimedia department that informs students on upcoming events.” He elaborated, saying that new TV Production teacher Mr. Brennan will ultimately help students to produce the newscast that will be played during lunches.

In addition to new plasmas around the school, students will notice the implementation of new laptop carts for use in classroom instruction. Dr. Lord explained that teachers will be able to sign out laptop carts for use in their classrooms. Mr. Berube will be handling the sign out sheets, explained Lord.

The new Wifi network throughout the school will allow for research to be done in class. Computers will give students the opportunity to do their research in a normal classroom setting rather than heading to a lab environment. The computer carts also allowed for lab rooms to be cleared out for classroom instruction.

By Steven Kimball