The transition from middle school to high school can be overwhelming. Everyday thousands of students fill the halls in an attempt to navigate their way through the school and get to class on time. For a freshman, the process of adapting from a small middle school to a town-wide high school can be daunting. Having recently undergone the transition last fall, the following sophomores offer their advice to the Class of 2017.


Melanie Hilman

“Basically, if you procrastinate, your likeliness of getting an A is very, very low.”


Kate Hunt

“Make sure you use your locker. I carried my books around for the first few weeks and then I realized I could put them in my locker — and it was really helpful.”


Lizzie Troiano

“Stay organized because if you’re doing sports or extracurricular activities, you don’t have as much time in your schedule. You have to stay on top of things and really plan your time accordingly so you can get all of your homework done.”


Dillon Clancy

“Keep your binders organized so that way, when finals come around, you’ll have all your notes in order and you’ll be able to find them to study.”


Henry Gilbert

“Don’t be afraid to approach different people and reach out to people that you may not know or who are from different [middle] schools. Just be willing to make friends and be open to that change.”

Reporting by Alison Murtagh