By Steven Kimball

At a juncture when things at Andover High School couldn’t be better, one key issue still looms: a lack of communication. This lack of communication is evident to first-year math teacher Mr.Weldin. He noted, “There is not much time to communicate with other members of the faculty, especially within other departments of the school.”
Weldin also noted that during his tenure at Lawrence High School there were teams, which allowed for further communication between the departments.

Mr. Michaud, noted, “After seven years I have gotten to know a large percentage of the faculty. However, the chances for overlap between the faculty are random and scarce.” This is no insult to the faculty but rather a concern that needs to be addressed at a community level.
Recently new MacBooks were distributed amongst the AHS faculty, which will certainly help to connect the school. However only communication can completely tie the school together.

Despite the lack of communication between the different departments of the school, hope is not lost. New changes in the hierarchy of the school are encouraging, with new principal Dr. Lord believing in faculty team bonding.

New hope can also be found in the school-wide wireless system being employed in the high school next year. This will help, but more than anything faculty bonding will further connections between departments.

In addition to the glimmers of hope previously discussed, an event caught my eye as being particularly notable. As I recently collected mail from a teacher’s mailbox, I noticed that Dr. Lord’s door was open and a concerned teacher was able to walk in and address an issue that was on her mind. There truly needs to be a bridge between the administration and the faculty. This connection between the classroom and the main office is essential to the success of Andover High School.

If this level of understanding between departments is reached, I have no fears that Andover High School can rank amongst the nation’s elite. We have the talented faculty to achieve great things; now all we need is a sense of community.