By Tarushi Sharma         

On June 3, Andover High’s seniors threw their hats into the air and moved on to a new chapter in their lives. Each and every individual of the graduating class of 2013 helped impact our high school community in his or her own unique way. One person in particular, who has not been properly acknowledged for her influence, will be the focus of this article: Marina Renton.

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of her acquaintance, Marina can be described as a caring, thoughtful, and intelligent young woman. She will be attending Brown University this fall, pursuing her dreams and shaping her future.

Marina Renton, former Warrior Weekly editor and member of the Class of 2013
Marina Renton, former Warrior Weekly editor and member of the Class of 2013

Serving the online newspaper since her sophomore year, Marina has taken the Warrior Weekly to an entirely new level. Only last year, under her guidance, the Warrior Weekly won first place in the Excellence in Online Journalism category at the 42nd Annual Greater Boston High School Journalism Contest.

From writing and photographing, to editing and, of course, managing the website, Marina has done it all, and all with a smile — even with her rigorous course load and active participation in other activities. Marina’s perseverance and attention to detail is admirable. Her criticism, always presented in the mildest form possible, was always constructive.  Marina’s impressive work ethic and her overall altruistic nature provided an excellent role model for all those round her, including me.

On a personal level, she always offered words of encouragement for my many ideas, and never passed the slightest visible judgment toward unmet deadlines or lax involvement. Had she done otherwise and chastised me, my confidence in my capability to write would have plummeted severely. However, because of her constant understanding and reassurance, I felt as if she believed in me as a writer, and regardless of whether she truly did or not, simply perceiving her faith in me lessened some of my uncertainties in my ability to write.

Marina: as embarrassed as you may be by this article, it is simply an attempt to do justice to all the hard work and determination you have put in to helping the Warrior Weekly grow and flourish, as well as the patience and kindness with which you have always, without fail, treated us. Speaking on the behalf of the entire Warrior Weekly staff, thank you, Marina, for all your time and effort, and our best wishes to you in the next chapter of your life.