By Marisa Dellatto          

As summer is approaching, more and more students are struggling to get to class before the bell rings. Morning after morning, students beg for their teachers’ forgiveness in fear of receiving a tardy slip. The regular excuses are being tired out: “The traffic was crazy.” “My alarm clock didn’t go off.” “I got stuck behind a couple in the hallway.”

Spring is here! Love is in the air, and all over the Andover High School hallways. Couples are taking P.D.A. – public displays of affection – to a new level. We all know it when we see it. No matter which route we take, where we stand in the morning, there is always some couple crossing the line. Now for those of you who do not know me, I am not the least bit conservative. But this is becoming an issue.

Last week I saw a couple practically act out a scene from the Titanic as they parted ways to go to third block. They held hands and romantically embraced each other as they said their last goodbyes in front of the steps. With the hallways crowded enough as it is, the line of people being held up waited as the pair finally bid their goodbyes, only to have to suffer through third block apart! Alas! The horror! The pain! Get a room.

Most couples you wouldn’t even realize are couples. Besides a few innocent hugs here and there, the majority of AHS can utilize a special trait we’d all like to call self control. Some kids go weeks without seeing their special someone. You can surely last a block without dying of a broken heart.

To the hand-holders. The snugglers. The cuddlers. The kissers. The anything-else-you-are-doing-ers. Take it down a notch. What you do in your private time is up to you. But please, just give me one morning where I don’t have to choke down my Frosted Flakes.