By Elizabeth Bernardin           

This summer, while most of us will be relaxing by the pool or plugging away at a summer job, Andover High School’s own Ms. Pina will be on a trip of a lifetime in Turkey.

Ms. Pina recently received a humanities fellowship from the Primary Source Institute. The Primary Source Institute is a nonprofit organization that, according to their website, “promotes history and humanities education by connecting educators to people and cultures throughout the world.” Ms. Pina explained that her specific fellowship opportunity serves the purpose of educating teachers “so that they might incorporate more about the Ottoman Empire, a hugely significant but often overlooked empire, into their curricula and to teach other teachers so that they might do the same.”

The fellowship Ms. Pina received was application-based, and she will be one of 30 teachers from across the U.S. participating. She will be traveling to “various cities in northwestern Turkey, including Isanbul, Bursa, Safranbolu, Iznik, and Edirne.” Not only will this be a valuable experience for Ms. Pina, but it will also benefit her students. Ms. Pina —  a 20th Century History and World Civilizations teacher — elaborated, saying, “I plan to use information, articles and resources, knowledge from my study, pictures, and maybe video in my classes. I also plan to share my new knowledge and resources with other teachers in the department so that they might incorporate it into their classes.” Being in the modern-day location of the Ottoman Empire will allow Ms. Pina to “add personal observations to a history and part of the world that is often misunderstood,” she said.

Ms. Pina has never traveled to the Middle East before. To travel “with expert tour guides and study history and culture is ideal,” she added. Ms. Pina is most excited to “learn about, discuss, and debate various topics regarding the Middle East.”

Congratulations to Ms. Pina for receiving such an impressive and coveted fellowship  — and, from all of us at the Warrior Weekly, have a wonderful time!