By Elizabeth Bernardin

All around the world, classrooms are evolving with the advancement of technology. Now, Andover is too. This year, there has been a lot of new technology implemented at the high school.

As Mr. Puzzanghera, Chief Information Technology Officer, explained, “The most visible change had been the introduction of new Epson Brightlink 485 interactive projectors in every classroom.” These projectors are replacing the “so-called Smartboard technology used throughout the district that had less functionality and were three times the cost.”

Limited use of Wikipedia and Youtube is now allowed and, by the end of the year, students should have full internet access throughout the school and some teachers will be receiving laptops for digital classroom initiatives.

Many students have already been exposed to these changes. Math classes have been using iPads this year, graphic design and other digital arts classes have had access to the new Mac Lab, and most classrooms now have had a new projector installed.

The integration of technology opens doors for both teachers and students. Teachers have new platforms to teach on and more media accessible to them. Students have the privilege of learning while using state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, it seems more appealing to learn math out of an iPad compared to a giant textbook. In response to all the time, energy, and money it takes for technology to be integrated, Mr. Puzzanghera stated that “introduction of these types of innovations is essential” and is economically reasonable “with a total cost per student of less than $300.”

As more technology is merged into everyday class, Mr. Puzzanghera said, “The goal is to create a climate of innovation supported by technology, new teaching paradigms, training, curriculum development…and more that create a richer educational experience for students.”

Now, the future doesn’t seem so far off, as iPads are seen in the hands of students and new Mac computers have a home in the high school.