By Nadja Arifovic

When the computer game ‘Slender’ came out, there was a lot of hype over the horror game. The object of the game is to collect 8 pages, each scrawled with ominous warnings about a being called “Slender Man.” Equipped with only a flashlight, you have to walk through a dark forest and find the notes. However, while you are looking for the pages, Slender Man stalks you, becoming more persistent and frequent as you collect each note. If you look at him for too long, or if he catches you, you lose the game.

‘Slender’ received so much positive feedback that the creator of the game, Mark Hadley, teamed up with Blue Isle Studios in hopes of creating an even more terrifying version of the original game. ‘Slender: The Arrival’, follows the same game play of finding 8 notes, but in addition there is an actual storyline for The Arrival. “While everyone’s favorite forest is back, there is much more to do this time around. Other levels will feature unique and varied gameplay. We can’t say much more right now without ruining the story,” the creators wrote in a statement on the game’s website.

The game has been in development for a long time. The beta version has been released and has already been getting many kudos due to the amped up horror of the game, as well as the greatly improved graphics and gameplay. The full version of ‘Slender: The Arrival’ is to be released on March 26th, with a retail price of $10. It will be available to play on both the PC and Mac.