By George Zhou

On February 5th, a four-period lunch schedule replaced the former three-period

The new bell schedule for second semester.
The new bell schedule for second semester.

system. The new system will be in effect for two weeks until February 15th, and if successful, will remain in place permanently.

Third block will remain the same length, from 10:38 a.m. to 12:38 p.m. Students will continue to have five minutes to return to class after lunch. However, there will now be a three-minute break between dismissal and arrival times between each lunch period instead of the usual nine. Students leaving the cafeteria and students going to it will be allowed in the hallways simultaneously for two minutes between periods.

The change has long been favored by the cafeteria staff in response to the crowdedness of the cafeteria and subsequently long waiting times for students in lunch lines. Many parents also suggested an alteration of the old system. “This was the number one complaint over the summer,” said Dr. Lord. “Now we can do something.”

Another problem was that the three-period schedule violated fire hazard standards. “There’s a legal limit to the number of people you’re allowed to have in a space,” said Dr. Lord. “The code is 450.” With enrollment in AHS currently at about 1800 students, the old schedule could not conform to this law.

“I think it will be a good change for people,” said Dr. Lord, “and certainly a healthier change.”