By Marisa Dellatto           

And there goes some rowdy car, busting through a stoplight like they’re the only ones on the road. Probably those damn teenagers – isn’t it always? On the Twitter and the texting and the i-Facebook – that or they’re drunk.

Because it’s not like it could be anybody else, right?

Not an out-of-control mom who left the house late and decided to speed her way down every road, because her son getting to practice on time is single-handedly the most important thing in the world, obviously. And it could never be an old lady who didn’t see the stop sign or that ignorant businessman in his Porsche yapping his dear life away on his cell to one of his pretentious buddies while smoking a Cuban. Never in a million years. Of course it’s a kid.

And no, we can not give them any credit. Sure they have only been driving for a little bit. But we should definitely expect them to be absolutely perfect and make no mistakes their first time on the road alone. But if an adult does something wrong? Oh, that’s perfectly fine. Just because you’ve had your license for 20-plus years means for every error you make you are off the hook. Let’s blame the kids, because it’s not like they have an extremely logical reason to be making faults like these.

How many adults do you know who have banged their car door into someone else’s because they parked too close? Or have driven while hunting through their godforsaken purses, putting on lipstick, or yelling at their kids? Who can’t seem to pry their phones away from their ears? Who has hammered their bumpers into the cement edges of sidewalks or even walls?

Last week, I saw a woman in her car try to change ATM stations at the bank. And instead of pulling out onto the street and doing the whole bank loop again, she decided to back up and try to slip her way into the next station. She made it al right, getting the lovely yellow paint from the warning poles scraped along the side of her car. But that’s OK! Honest mistake! All is forgiven!

There’s even my own grandmother, who drove me all the way to my aunt’s house … on the left side of the road. For some miracle I can only attribute to God we didn’t get hit. But nobody would dare put blame on the innocent old ladies. Oh, no, never ever.

And it’s all right for adults to swear at every car that somehow crosses them, to flip someone the bird or beat the damn horn to death. Oh, no, that’s OK; not respecting each other is the exact right thing to do in that situation.

I’m not saying teenagers are perfect drivers. Of course we aren’t. Yes, statistically we get in more accidents. Of course we do — we are new to the roads. Driving for the first time, it’s a scary thing. And it takes some getting used to. But we get more blame than we should. Let’s take a look at our role models. We’ve been taught after spending years in the backseat to not care about the other cars on the road. To speed if we’re late or to park in three spots just because we can. To throw our gum out the windows and to drive right into snow banks. Get off your high horses and take a look out your window the next time you’re on the road. $10 you’ll see an adult breaking some law or another. Let’s give us teenagers a break.

And stop making fun of me for hitting that telephone pole.