By Roozbeh Badie

It was a great year for the entertainment medium. Records were shattered at the box office, artists experimented more than ever before, and video games became an addictively immersing experience. These are just three lists of the things this year that have kept me the most entertained. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and that I have not seen, heard, or played everything that’s come out this year. I unfortunately have a life.


Greatest Movies of 2012

1) Looper – An incredible film. While all the parts to “time travel” at times don’t make sense, it does not stop this movie from being the best this year. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s dark, and it all ties together perfectly.

2) The Avengers – It’s not often that a four-year plan involving some of the highest grossing films of those years coming together pays off. “The Avengers” was a gamble, one that if it amazed would go down in history, and if it disappointed, it would be mourned and the whole franchise forgotten. Luckily “The Avengers” was a blast that sufficiently blinded everyone who saw it from any legitimate criticisms.

3) Skyfall – What else can I say about “Skyfall” other than it’s the Bond movie everyone will be happy with. It revives the classy fun of the old bond films yet maintains the dark tone and plot that everyone seems to be loving these days.

4) Moonrise Kingdom – A smart, enjoyable, and hilarious film that reminded me why I love Bill Murray.

5) Ted – They need to make comedies like this more often. All I have to say.

6) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Being a gigantic “Lord of the Rings” fan, I was very excited for this and ended up being happy. While they did expand one book into three films, the pacing is a bit slow, but I went into the theater expecting that and ended up loving the return to Middle Earth. (According to other reviews I’ve heard the 48 fps does take away from the film so I would recommend seeing it in the normal 24 fps.)

7) The Amazing Spider-Man – My comic book addiction is showing on this but I don’t care. “The Amazing Spiderman” surprised me by not only being better than it appeared in the trailers, but by being better than the previous three films.

8) Lincoln – Proving that Stephen Spielberg did not get lost in the era of “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and that he can still make heartfelt and exciting movies, “Lincoln” is a historical tale for all.

9) Cabin in the Woods – The anti-horror film of horror films, “Cabin in the Woods” turns the genre upside down in ways you never thought you would want to see, but make you incredibly glad you did.

10) The Dark Knight Rises – Probably the most anticipated movie of this year and the finale to an amazing trilogy, “The Dark knight Rises”, while it may have disappointed to some people (including myself), still deserves a spot on this list for it’s beautiful cinematography.


Greatest Albums of 2012

1) Deadmau5 – <album title goes here>: While the album might be a bit repetitive, it’s so beautiful yet exciting it’s hard not to love.

2) Jack White – Blunderbuss: The front man of one of my favorite bands releases his solo career debut rock album.

3) Frank Ocean – Channel Orange:  It’s the most beautiful R&B album in recent history.

4) Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city: A previously underground rap artist makes his major label debut with a bang.

5) Beach House – Bloom: Synthetic rock masters have managed to top their previous record.

6) Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel…: A beautiful display of vocals from this 15-year veteran.

7) Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory: Filled with impressive instrumentals and catchy lyrics, this alternative music album has it all.

8) Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes: A beautifully smooth electronic album.

9) Grimes – Visions: A fusion electronic mix of R&B and dream pop.

10) Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It – A fantastically fun rock-pop album with incredibly catchy songs.


Best Video Games of 2012

1) Walking Dead – Recreating the pace and feel of the comics, you can’t ask for a better TV Show/Movie video game adaption.

2) Journey – You know nothing about this Journey, except that you’re doing it and that you’ll have a blast while doing it.

3) Mass Effect 3 – A really immersing experience, even if the ending was terrible.

4) Fez – I only played this game because of its name and ended up having a blast with this old-fashioned puzzler.

5) Halo 4 – It’s better than Reach, and the start of dragging the Halo franchise out of that hole.

6) Borderlands 2 – It does everything a sequel should: Not mess with what made the first one good, and improve on what made it bad.

7) Diablo III – An incredibly addictive PC Game.

8) Far Cry 3 – Ignore the story and you’ve got a good time.

9) Assassins Creed III – Everything you’ve come to know and love about Assassins Creed.

10) Max Payne 3 – A bloody, violent, action-filled experience.