By Sheena Legall

Get ready for some delicious and exotic food because International Week is here once again!

As the upperclassmen remember from last year, UNICEF hosts this event, presenting the student body as well as the staff with delicacies from all over the world.

On Monday, teriyaki chicken with noodles was served in honor of the Chinese culture. German beef and saukernaut over noodles was served on German Tuesday. For an Italian Feast, there was pasta and chicken on Wednesday. On Thursday, which was assigned as Greek Day, gyro and Greek yogurt will be served. As for Friday, be sure to try some Indian food: chicken tandoori over rice. Surely, with this eclectic range of cultures, this event will have many supporters.

Remember, these choices will only be available on the hot lunch and grill lines. This event will take part from Monday, January 7, to Friday, January 11. The proceeds will be entirely donated to UNICEF, so please help the helpless by participating in this event. This is a win/win opportunity because on one hand, you can enjoy mouthwatering foods and on the other hand, you are supporting a very important and worthwhile cause, so be sure to contribute to this event!