By Max Jodoin

The students sat in their seats and began scribbling their charcoal on a blank piece of paper in front of them. Many of the best visual artists of Andover High School enroll in one class called Portfolio. Taught by Mr. Parker, Portfolio is filled with ambitious artists ready to put their talent to the test and create a portfolio. Whether they are determined to go to art school or are just willing to take the most challenging art class at the high school, Portfolio is going to push them to perform at their best. Sylvie Flanagan, a Portfolio student, said, “This class is extremely helpful and Mr. Parker is an inspiring teacher.” Portfolio explores a wide range of mediums such as charcoal, oil pastels, chalk pastels, pencil, and paint, in order to fulfill college and other portfolio requirements. This is not a class students can just walk into though; first they must be approved by Mr. Parker before they can even qualify for a spot in this demanding art class. Mr. Parker expects all of his students to be responsible beyond their years, demonstrate knowledge of design principles, be creative, talented, and understand visual art in all aspects. Students also need to complete three summer assignments and be completely committed. Once these requirements are met, Mr. Parker will be able to help them get better and reach their potential by providing the resources needed to do so. By the time students are finished with this class, they are well their way to becoming Andover High School’s top artists.