By George Zhou         

Course scheduling can be a stressful, frantic process every school year, for counselors

Before the course change deadline, the counseling office is often packed with students anxious to change their schedules. Photo illustration by Rosanna Wang.

and students alike. Changes this year have added to the confusion in an increasingly populous AHS community.

The late decision for a 3×3 schedule for teachers had forestalled the scheduling process, so counselors were not able to accommodate this until the end of June. This summer students were not mailed their schedules until August 29, later than in previous years.

The new freshman English course requirement was not a major obstacle in scheduling because it replaced Environmental Science.

“I think the biggest issue with scheduling at Andover High School is that even if we had more funding to offer more courses, we wouldn’t have enough classrooms,” said counseling program advisor Ms. de Kelley. She noted that because the school has over 1,800 students now, the classrooms are “pretty booked.”

The lack of schedule flexibility and larger class sizes demonstrate this physical reality. Students now find it more difficult than ever to change classes and obtain all the courses they want.