By George Zhou         

The Red Spring parking lot and the perimeter of Lovely Stadium (football and track

Garbage bags full of litter fill a dumpster in the Red Spring road parking lot. Photo by George Zhou.

field) are known to accumulate a lot of litter during the school year. In an effort to keep the school grounds clean for the new school year, principal Dr. Lord sent out an e-mail welcoming help from the AHS community. At 9 a.m. Aug. 24, around 20-25 people came with gloves and garbage bags to pick up trash in the stadium and parking lot area.

The event completed the cleaning of school grounds by the Andover Parks Department, which had worked on most of the campus.

The volunteers, including Dr. Lord himself, spent about 90 minutes picking up trash. They cleaned the parking lot and the stadium areas near the entrance and bleachers, disposing of the litter in a dumpster at the parking lot or in trash bins in the stadium.

“[It was a] super opportunity for the community,” said Dr. Lord.

Cleaning the school grounds gave AHS a “facelift” for the beginning of a new school year.

Bleachers at Lovely Stadium after the clean-up. Photo by George Zhou.