By Marina Renton          

On Friday, May 25, students entering AHS were surprised to find themselves stopped at the front door:  shouting seniors instructed them to go around to a different entrance in order to protect

Signs bearing the words “Seniors 2012” were taped up around the school.

the AHS senior prank displayed in the foyer.

The foyer had been covered with thousands of white disposable cups filled with water in order to form a background against which a blue “2012” (also created by cups) was plainly visible. Seniors stood along the breezeway celebrating the last day of school, as well as the prank’s success.

In general, AHS students appreciated the prank.

“I thought it was pretty creative,” said junior Ted Sorota. “I can’t say I was surprised, because [the seniors] always do

The cups spelling out “2012” were blocked off from all sides.

something the last day, but I thought it showed a lot of effort.”

“I thought that it was a great prank,” said junior Devika Ranjan. “It showed how respectful the seniors could be, and it didn’t completely destroy the school, which was fabulous.”

English teacher Ms. Stevenson was also fond of the prank. “I thought it was one of the better pranks because it didn’t harm anything and it was very clever and well-executed,” she said.

General consensus indicated that this year’s prank

Seniors gathered on the breezeway in order to celebrate and to protect the prank.

surpassed those of previous years.

“I thought it was way better,” said junior Shivansh Chawla.

“Last year was nothing compared to this,” said Sorota.

“It had more panache,” said Ms. Stevenson. “It took some thinking out, whereas some of them were very silly. It compared favorably.”

Seniors in the Dunn Gym.

“[This year’s prank] got a lot of school spirit going, which was great,” added Ranjan. “The seniors were all really excited about something that they had done collectively and the rest of the school was enjoying it rather than resenting the fact that they weren’t graduating.”

The prank came with the administration’s approval. Students were let into the building the night before in order to set everything up, and the display was done with Dr. Sharkey’s knowledge and consent. This assured the prank was safe, but it also led to thoughts that the “prank” wasn’t one at all.

“I think whenever there’s a prank, it’s executed without the administration,” said Chawla.

Another view of the display of cups.

“So, this time when the administration helped, it wasn’t really a prank anymore.”

“I thought it was a good spirited effort,” said junior James Booth.

According to Ms. Stevenson, the downside to the prank was “the waste factor,” since the cups probably weren’t biodegradable.

There were rumors of other pranks throughout the day, including one about a stairwell smelling like ketchup as the result of a water balloon filled with the condiment thrown on the stairs, and crickets being let loose in the library. However, it was the organized display of cups that made a lasting impression.

A number of balloons are scattered over the stairs.

“[The cups] stole the show,” said Sorota.

The loss of the seniors affects juniors most personally since often their classes shrink significantly in size. Now that the seniors are gone, Booth feels “lonelier.”

“I feel like the school’s a lot quieter,” said Ranjan. “The classes are a lot smaller, so we got to have a much more intimate conversation with the teachers, which was great.”

After such a reaction to the Class of 2012’s prank, the pressure is on for the Class of 2013!

The cups are being recycled through use in art projects.