Andover High School’s online newspaper, the Warrior Weekly, recently won first place in the Excellence in Online Journalism category at the 42nd Annual Greater Boston High School Journalism Contest.

Suffolk University, which sponsored the contest, hosted an awards ceremony honoring all participants on Thursday, March 29. Approximately 115 students and faculty members from participating high schools attended, including Warrior Weekly co-editors Kathleen McGinty and Marina Renton and faculty advisor Scott Aubrey. The Warrior Weekly received first place for Excellence in Online Journalism, a category open only to schools whose newspapers are published solely online.

Thirty-five area high schools submitted entries to the contest. Other awards included Excellence in News Writing, Excellence in Sports Writing, Excellence in Editorial Writing, and the Massachusetts Press Association Award for General Excellence.

The Warrior Weekly was first published three years ago when writers and photographers began to meet every Tuesday after school, giving rise to Andover High’s Newspaper Club. After its first year in publication, the Warrior Weekly increased its presence at the high school by becoming the internet homepage for all school computers. This past fall, the student-run newspaper updated its online website, switching to a more easily navigable format with the capacity to feature images with stories and to enable readers to comment on articles.