By Roozbeh Badie         

After several months filled with rumors, speculations, heartbreak, and joy, Suzanne Collin’s novel The Hunger Games has finally hit the big screen. While most of the film does impress, and at some points even amaze, there are several big flaws that keep it from being the amazing movie that was promised.

Our reviewer didn't buy into the relationship between Katniss and Peeta, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

Let me start off by saying that no, I have never read any of the books in The Hunger Games trilogy, and if I did I do not believe that it would’ve effected my enjoyment of the film. Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Katniss Everdeen is not realistic in the slightest. There are countless parts where the character is put under immense pressure and we stare at her looking for some kind of emotion, and all you get is the same, blank expression. The rest of the teenage characters aren’t much different either. From what I’ve heard that is how these characters are supposed to be portrayed, yet I find it hard to get emotionally involved in them when they don’t return that emotion.

In terms of the plot, it’s absolutely fantastic. The idea of this post-apocalyptic world where people are forced to kill their friends in an annual event called the Hunger Games, just to make a good show, should make any man or woman interested. One plot point that I wasn’t expecting was that those contending in the Hunger Games needed to get sponsors in order to get the resources that they need to survive in the arena. It is something that I had never seen before and it really did add a sense of realism, like these games actually exist and they’re not just part of a movie, and everything leading up to the games is actually very realistic. And than we enter the actual games, and everything changes.

Once the Hunger Games begin, the movie slowly starts to die. The realistic aspect of the movie completely vanishes. People fall from 30 foot trees and manage to walk away; people can’t see things that are right in front of them; and there is always a better course of action the characters could’ve taken. One part that annoyed me the most, however, was the romance between Katniss and Peeta (played by Josh Hutcherson). The entire relationship just seems as if it’s a ploy to get viewers of the games to like them and give them sponsors, and hence, when big emotional events happen that test their relationship, you do not believe them.

Another relationship that annoyed me was that of Katniss and her friend Rue (played by Amandla Stenberg). This relationship is not nearly fleshed out enough, hence making it, like almost every other relationship in this film, fake. The only relationship that seems real is that between Katniss and her stylist, Cinna (played by Lenny Kravitz).

Overall, The Hunger Games has an incredible plot and very intense build-up to the actual games, but with every death that occurs in the arena, a bit of our enjoyment of the film dies as well.