By Olivia Franzese           

The Red Cross Club raised $561.95 in a fund-raiser on February 7 to vaccinate a village against measles.

Vaccinations cost one dollar each, and the Red Cross Club needed $500 to vaccinate an entire village. This $500 will be used to protect people who desperately need this vaccination and would not receive it otherwise. The money is sent to the Red Cross and they decide which village is in need of it the most.

Debbie Noymer, treasurer of the Red Cross Club and a junior at AHS, happily reported that the club exceeded its original goal, and it took only a week to do so. Members collected the money by going into different classrooms during first block and explaining their cause. Members of the club returned to these classrooms each day with an envelope in which to collect the money.

However, there were some challenges in the process of raising this amount of money. Noymer says, “People were either hesitant to donate…or were forgetting their money. Going around to classrooms [collecting money] was probably the biggest challenge.”

Zoe Zimmerman, president of the Red Cross Club and a senior at AHS, believes that these vaccinations are a great cause to support. “Each vaccination is such a small amount of money. It’s so easy for us and can make so much of a difference to them,” says Zimmerman.

Students at AHS played a big role in helping the Red Cross Club reach its goal. The principal of the school, Dr. Sharkey, wants to encourage students to continue donating and helping out organizations such as the Red Cross Club. He feels that the school needs to come together as a community for fund-raisers like this more often, because this one was a particularly impressive success.

 “Let’s all chip in, let’s do it, let’s make it happen. I think that’s the way it works,” insisted Sharkey.