By Juliana Tran         

Stars start to file into the Staples Center as they get ready for the music industry’s biggest night, a night that brings joy to people’s lives year after year, decade after decade. You sit at home and watch as Bruce Springsteen opens up the Grammys with an energetic performance.

The 54th Grammy Awards took place in the Staples Center on Sunday, Feb. 12. They were hosted by LL Cool J. Although it was a night for celebration of the artists, it was also a night to mourn the death of world-renowned singer, Whitney Houston. It was very emotional for all of the artists when Jennifer Hudson sang Houston’s biggest hit, “I Will Always Love You,” as a tribute to her.

The night was filled with excitement and energy, especially for Adele, who was back on the stage performing for the first time since undergoing throat surgery.

Adele won six Grammys (for Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Short Form Music Video, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Song of the Year, Best Album of the Year, and Best Record of the Year). She is considered a “global phenomenon” because with her latest album, “21,” she used her personal experience of breaking up with her boyfriend in her songs. She sings with such a soulful voice. She did an outstanding performance of “Rolling in the Deep.”

All the performances on the Grammys were magnificent. Everyone had lots of energy and had performances that will always be remembered. Rihanna and Adele had the most outstanding performances. It was a historic performance when Maroon 5 and Foster the People sang “Good Vibrations” with the original Beach Boys, who are back for a 50th reunion. Nicki Minaj’s performance was extremely weird with the “exorcism of her alter ego.”

The Grammys are a great way for new artists to be recognized for their incredible talents and for artists to recognize each other’s talents, as well as to remember the great artists of the past. The Grammys are a night of fun and music!