By Declan Collins         

I watched the Super Bowl two Sundays ago and, like every other Patriots fan, I was frustrated that we lost to the Giants again. Losing is never fun in sports, especially when it is against a team from New York. However, as I think more and more about the game, I realize that it is nothing to get too worked up about.

Living in New England, we are acclimated to a culture of winning championships regardless of the sport. In the last 11 years, all of Boston’s major sports teams (including the Patriots) have brought home a championship or two. While getting to a championship game is a remarkable accomplishment in itself in most cities, in Boston, it is an annual expectation.

Fans shouldn’t hang their heads on the Patriots’ season. They advanced to their fifth Super Bowl with Tom Brady as their quarterback. Not only is that more appearances than most teams in the NFL have, it has been done in a span of 11 years. The Patriots took the number one seed in their conference and reached the Super Bowl with a defense and running game that was largely anonymous this season.

Only one team can win on a given day, and on this particular Super Bowl Sunday, that was the New York Giants. But the season cannot be defined by a single game. The Patriots’ team unity and the respect that they demonstrated in honor of the death of Myra Kraft has certainly warranted respect from their entire fan base.